Jan. 8th, 2017 08:32 pm
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Bowie would have been 70 today. I've been brave and watched some of his performances, but it still feels a bit recent. I love this version

Had a strange blast from the past earlier, reading an article on the Guardian book review page, in the comments was a name I recognised from when I was at university. Having read the poster's thoughts I know it is an old friend I lost touch with many years ago, surprised me on this day of remembering people from before.

We seem to have a scent ghost. Sudden and inexplicable smells keep happening, so far they have all been pleasant - perfume, possibly a light Estee Lauder one, chocolate, like a waft of a cake baking, but only in a specific area, not near any entrances to the house. It wasn't just me that smelled them, so I'm reasonably sure the smells actually exist, but why or how remains to be discovered.

Mysteries are fun aren't they?

I have spent most of today reading The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch which was fun and scary and I couldn't put it down. It also contained a reference to another author I like's character, which delighted me. Hooray for good books.
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I'm abandoning LiveJournal, although I had pretty much left already really, so I might post here sometimes instead. Or not. Anyway, Happy New Year to any who are still reading my words.
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You know, Livejournal is much quieter than it was, but not as quiet as dreamwidth which I'd kind of forgotten about as LJ has been behaving itself lately, with none of the outages it suffered for a while. Anyway, I thought I'd do a crosspost to see if it still works, so here is a song by Venice Trip, they're a new London based band with a psychedelic, dreamy sound and I think it works well, whilst being quite 60s

It's Glastonbury weekend, but there coverage isn't showing anything I've wanted to watch yet. Have a good one though

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The Sisters of Mercy have appeared on Twitter with the tweet 'Incoming', is this actual new things?
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Mark Lanegan has released a new album of covers, I adore his voice, but not always his choice of accompaniments, I think we may have reached a parting of the ways with this one, I don't even particularly like this Nick Cave song, but listening to Mark sing it makes me pine for the Australian one, what do you make of it?

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We have Netflix and decided to take a punt on a TV series as there's nothing we're watching at the moment (Grimm having finished until 2014). So Mr Bethnoir suggested Lost Girl which is Canadian and was shown on Syfy in the UK first a couple of years ago.

Firstly does anyone watch it?
Secondly we are only halfway through series one so please no spoliers.
Thirdly Kenzi (top right) - I WANT ONE.


So, the main character is a powerful, independent bisexual fae woman, she has a best friend who is the cutest wig wearing emo evah and there's plenty of mystery and politics, sexual and otherwise. I wasn't sure after the first episode, but when she shagged the vacuum cleaner man (he's called Dyson, yes it bothers me) to a Bat for Lashes song, I became certain that I would be watching more.

Bo reminds me of the character Anita Blake, written by Laurel K Hamilton before she went totally monster, the home set up is like Rachel Morgan's in Kim Harrison's books, the new monster each week is quite Buffy, plus character relationships are developing nicely, so far, so urban fantasy. I didn't realise I was missing being involved with a series until we started watching it, isn't that cool, when you start a new thing?

In the real world we visited some cool buildings yesterday for Bristol Doors Open Day, there is something special about being allowed into places you wouldn't normally go, the back rooms and corridors of The Old Vic for example and we finished off the day with an hour long boat trip around Bristol, things are different when seen from the water and I love temporarily being part of the river people's world. Hope you've all had a good weekend :-)
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Rain's hissing outside,
But here there is warm music
And soft scents of home.

Friday 13th hasn't been very fun, but the best bit's to come :-)
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but none the worse for it. Today we went to Tintern for a walk by the beautiful River Severn, with views across to Tintern Abbey, listening to the geese honking at each other and saying hello to the very few other walkers we came across.

Perhaps they've cut down some trees, but for the first time today, I noticed a church tower surrounded by greenery on the other side of the river. It looked ruined and I immediately wanted to go and visit it. Through the clouds and burst of sunlight we travelled up an overgrown path, damp cobbles, the hedges full of juicy blackberries until we reached the top of the hill. A man was spraying the weeds, but we went in and were amazed.

The Church of St Mary the Virgin was originally medieval, but fell into disrepair after the sacking of the monasteries, rebuilt in 1866, it burnt down in 1977 and now just the graveyard is used. It has no roof, the grand Victorian memorials are buried in waist high grass, inside, the floor tiles are still there and window frames, but the pews are replaced with ferns, lords and ladies and moss. Saplings instead of columns, nature has reclaimed the sacred space. A white dove sat upon the tower, it was so perfect I thought I might have dreamt it. My love affair with the border country between Wales and England continues. Here's a photo, a moment later it was in sunshine, but I like the shadows...
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Water, salty or sweet, I lap it up...

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The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at Slimbridge is much more exciting than it sounds. There are otters and water voles, ducklings wandering wherever they like, curious geese that follow you around, especially if you've invested in a bag of bird seed, noisy flamingos, a variety of pretty feathered friends and wild flowers. Had a really good time there with not many other humans as the weather was iffy at best, but we didn't get wet. It was great.

In the evening, as the rain clattered down on our house, we watched the manga film, Laputa - Castle in the Sky. Another Hayao Miyazaki film, he mixes the innocence of children, vaguely environmental messages and amazingly out there fantasy settings so well, even Mr Bethnoir liked this one. Truly having your pig tails shot off by a baddie who looks like Scott Walker, and is voiced by Luke Skywalker, is one of the worst thing that can happen to you

Today we have been seeing lots of relatives and being very careful not to say anything that could be construed as critical. I think we did very well, sigh of relief until Christmas and relax. Hope your weekends have been good.
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Reading about the new Lone Ranger film this weekend, now I do like stylised Westerns and I like Johnny Depp (Deadman and Brave were both great), so it sounded promising, but reviews are not good and the Native American community seems to be narked off about it, so I think I'll wait for the DVD so I can fast forward if necessary.

In my explorations I found out that Native Americans have to be blood tested to prove their heritage in order to qualify for benefits, is this incredibly shocking or does everyone already know about it?

I don't think Ian Astbury has ever claimed to be part Native American, but he's certainly played with the imagery, I stumbled across this video by mistake yesterday when I was ironing and have to share it, incase there are any other people out there as obsessed with Ian's beautiful hair (and other bits) as I am, to be modern OMG!

In other news, we discovered yesterday that a girl in my son's class has suddenly died of blood poisoning which is very upsetting and puts thing into perspective. I appreciate what I have and and thankful for it.

Cavey wavey

Jul. 3rd, 2013 05:55 pm
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If you didn't watch this and you like Nick Cave even a tiny bit, you should...
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I just fished my mobile phone out of the washing machine. My own stupid fault, I checked the children's pockets for tissues, but forgot that my dress had a pocket and my phone was in it. Luckily the SIM card still works, but looks like I need a new handset *sigh*

I don't think I'm operating at full strength at the moment. I did enjoy this from the Glastonbury Festival coverage though

Ed Harcourt - Hey Little Bruiser

R.I.P Ray

May. 20th, 2013 10:21 pm
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Ray Manzarek died today, he was part of some music I really love

sad news
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What type of goth are you?
Mopey Goth You are a sad or depressed but artistic and loving soul. You love wearing all black to express your mourning for life or to comfort you when you're in pain. You enjoy wearing silver and pewter jewelry of anything with meaningful representation to you. You sometimes resent humanity's cruelty towards other human beings and would like there to be peace and less despair and pain. You probably are inclined to wear band tee's that represent the band that reflects or relates to you the most for your emotions. Your tastes musically are most similar to or usually tend to be The Cure, For My Pain..., Gary Numan, Dead Can Dance, Culture Club, The Smiths, Andalusia and other emotional but real groups.
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Mar. 16th, 2013 02:56 pm
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Had a bit of a crush on the character of Howl after I read Diana Wynne Jones' Howl's Moving Castle, watched the anime film last night, now I love him *sigh*

If you like fantasy films and haven't seen it, please do, it's steam-punk, it's pretty, it's magical and it's funny.

I'm going to see the House of Love with Patrick Duff supporting in April, my Ed Harcourt album arrived this morning and I'm immersed in a surprisingly good young adult book (Beautiful Creatures) life is good :-)
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Today we went to Wales and froze walking around Caldicot Castle. On the way back over the bridge it was scary windy, battling with the car to stop it swerving across the lane.

Just pre-ordered the IAMX album, eep expensive, but must have it.
The video for I Come with Knives has reminded me of the look of Ian Astbury in early Cult, especially She Sells Sanctuary, compare

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