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There is a lot of publicity for the new Nick Cave album, which is making me not want to buy it. I could live stream it, every google ad is about it, but I just don't want to. I didn't like the last 3 much, why will this be different? There is no Mick, there is no Blixa, I am prejudiced against it.

I feel a bit like I'm being overwhelmed by artists who used to be important in my life bringing out new stuff that will, inevitably, not thrill me as much as they used to, Depeche Mode, IAMX, maybe all makes me feel rather jaded and sad. Or perhaps that's the rain and the cold which are still here, or just life in general. I don't expect buying things to give my life meaning, but it's nice to have things to look forward to.

I have cheered myself up by ordering some postcards from the fabulous Esther Green , I love her artwork and her taste in music is exquisite too.

Life is going on, I'm struggling through a book I don't really like much, perhaps I should abandon it, yesterday I briefly glimpsed 2 friends, but wasn't in a position to talk to them (at work) and I've done something to my shoulder that feels like a really big bruise.

Sorry to post a moan, I really need some sunshine. Have a good weekend.


Jan. 26th, 2013 07:45 pm
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Springboks jump up and down, which is called pronking apparently. It made us all smile very widely when we watched the Cape episode of the BBC's Africa today. I enjoyed imagining the composing process of the person who had to make some music for a monkey beetle fighting another one inside a daisy. It's a more exciting job than mine, that's for sure.

Today the snow has finally gone, the rain melted it away in the night, which I spent dreaming of having to move house and my youngest son being terrified by a story he heard and my horror at not having protected him. I can't convey how upset the dream made me, but I suppose at least it makes me appreciate reality, if not pronk like a springbok.

We watched Dark Shadows earlier in the week. I had not seen the TV series and so didn't have any expectations really, but it was quite fun. I object to anyone changing Jonny Depp's nose, but otherwise it was entertaining.

It's been a week of feeling trapped inside by the cold and snow, looking forward to more freedom in the future.
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We've been having our bathroom updated, I'm going to moan about it nowRead more... ) Hope you're all okay and warm, Sayonara.


Jan. 8th, 2013 08:55 pm
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Happy birthday Mr Bowie, a new single all about Berlin sounding world weary and thoughtful, what a wonderful gift!
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It was rather an event going to see the Hobbit. As big fans of the book, the whole family were excited by the idea of the film and we had to wait until all of us had 3 hours free to see it. This Sunday we booked the tickets in the "extreme" cinema at Vue, it's basically really big and allowed the film to be seen in the experimental more frames per second format 3D.

This was at times like speeded up film, jumpy and awkward and at others briefly nauseating, but mostly kind of hyper-real, bright and dream-like, actal life looked dull in comparison, is that good or bad? I don't know.

The film added bits that I don't remember being in the book here and there, but I can't begrudge it, because it was done well and it worked. I've never been very certain before about which dwarf is which, or been very interested in them, but suddenly I'm not just excited because Aidan Turner is playing Kili, I think lots of them are ace. This is an improvement on the book. Never before have I considered Thorin Oakenshield to be exciting and particularly admirable. Now I think he reminds me of Carl McCoy, but with a beard. Did I mention that a rather love to pieces Mr McCoy?

Anyway, Gandalf is unreliable and vague, Bilbo is reluctant, but resourceful, the dwarves are not played just for comedy, they are individuals and Christopher Lee appears as Saruman. The scenes with Bilbo and Gollum are perfect, it's like watching a play on stage, no need for special effects, it worked.

I cried a lot, but that seems to be what happens to me in Peter Jackson versions of JRR Tolkein. Overall if you might want to see it, I recommend you do, in comfortable cinema with plenty of leg room. I was very happy to have a free seat next to me, so I could sit cross legged and move about. I want to go again, just got to find the time.
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Taste of nostalgia.
No nutritional value,
Fake, but I crave it.

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We've all been ill and yesterday I saw a fox get hit by a car. Looking forward to the Solstice when days get longer again, it all feels dark and cold at the moment.
A video to cheer me up, look it's Blixa making the most goth food stuff ever...

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On Friday night I smelt the evening air and remembered. I was waiting to cross the road in Bishopston, a studenty, pubby kind of area of Bristol to go to a leaving do and a waft of that especially autumnal night out smell that combines smoke, dust, beer fumes and some indefinable scent of excitement and youth brushed me. I closed my eyes and recalled being a fresher, the potential, the uncertainty of what the night would hold, the new of it all. It was rather buoying.
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There is something delightful about finding out people you've been online friends with are just the same in real life. I am not naturally gregarious, and I don't get out much as I have family responsibilities, so meeting people who share my interests isn't always easy. Over the years though, I've found a group of friends who are all music fans, different music, but our passion is music.

Yesterday I met some of them in Somerset. It was a lovely event. The food was wonderful, the conversation was delightful, the sun shone and there were cats. I had my camera with me, but forgot to use it, so you'll have to imagine the garden, the bird of prey circling in the thermals, the home made cider, the group of people who could chat endlessly about music, chatting endlessly, but politely listening to each other and relaxing.

The journey back was a strange one. I had to get a train from Westbury which then travelled through Trowbridge and Bath Spa before getting to Bristol Temple Meads and then going out again to Abbey Wood, where I got off and walked for a bit to get to a bus and home. Bath Spa from that direction is ever so pretty with the canal, old stone buildings and generally bucolic views.

I have 5 people's mix CDs to listen to now, new music and a lazy Sunday (not including the 4 lots of homework), quite lovely. I've finished the latest Ben Aaronovitch book, [personal profile] sadaprilsky might be interested to know that there is a mention of the game Call of Cthullu and now have 2 other books to look forward to. Life is good.
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Ryohei Kato of Japan is my new favourite male gymnast. I suppose I ought to be more patriotic and they are all such talented people, but he's so willowy and elegant, I do like to see him compete.

Cornwall was wonderful, we saw new places and plenty of family. Sadly we were phoned up by the Scillonian boat people and advised not to go to the Isles of Scilly unless it was essential as the forecast was for force 8 gales, so we had to cancel those tickets, but there will be another time. St Michael's Mount was a good alternative.

I will add some photos later, tired now.
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We watched an odd film yesterday. It was Inventing the Abbotts from 1997. Based in the 1950s my primary reasons for watching it were the actors, rather than the story, I guess it was romantic, but it was mainly odd. Anyway, we had a discussion about what is handsome and we disagreed. Now, I've always liked Joaquin Phoenix's face, I think he has character and is interesting, here he is, the handsome devil

but Mr Bethnoir thinks he's ugly and was surprised I didn't find Billy Crudup and his cheekbones pretty

He does look a bit like Andrew Eldritch I guess, but I think Joaquin is much better looking. Am I just weird? The female leads weren't bad either, Jennifer Connelly is my idea of beautiful and Liv Tyler is quirkily gorgeous. There was a lot of ironing visible, did people in the 1950s spend all their evenings starching shirts do you think?

I've got 2 weeks off work, these are some of the things I would like to do: stroke an owl, have my hair french plaited, swim in the sea, sit inside a long barrow, drink from a holy well.
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I was sorry to hear that Ray Bradbury has died. I haven't read much by him for a few years, but I loved him as a young reader and I don't think I'd feel so well disposed towards Scifi if it weren't for his wonderful books.

Today I finished a book by Lynn Flewelling which actually made me giggle out loud, a scene in a brothel with some misunderstanding was a welcome relief from quite a dark story, but I loved it and the main characters have moved forward in their relationship, I love it when things go the way I want them to in books.

I'm in Cornwall which is great for feline company and fresh air, but not so good for missing Mr Bethnoir who is stuck working at home. Still it's not every day my little brother has a birthday.

It's raining and I'm drinking gin, life isn't so bad.
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Apparently it's World Goth Day. I celebrated by using my parasol for the first time and visiting a graveyard, where I managed to find some shade despite the blazing sunshine
Beth at Canford cemetery

I've been having a lovely time reading lots of entertaining books, specifically Soulless by Gail Carriger and Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling, both fantasy, but of different sorts. I get so excited when I find characters I know I want to read more about, the anticipation is delightful.

Now though, I must get ready for my son's birthday and party tomorrow. Time for some Earl Grey tea I think.
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I was in Cornwall enveloped in a haze of hairspray, getting ready to get married, mortgages and children were a distant dream... I like where I am now and I love the flowers Mr Bethnoir bought me to celebrate
anniversary flowers
Soppy bit over with :-)

At the weekend we went to see Avengers Assemble at the cinema. I like Joss Whedon and Robert Downey Jnr so I thought it would be a winner, I think I was partly right. There were two absolutely laugh out loud moments, but less humour than I was hoping for. Overall, I am really not impressed by wide shots of spaceships on fire, aliens blowing up American landmarks and big CGI, what does it add to the story? I don't see the point. Maybe it's because I'm a girl, or just that I'd prefer a smaller budget and a more imaginative way of portraying large scale events?

I wish I'd watched all of the film Thor now. I only got as far as them leaving Asgard against Odin's will and turned it off as I was bored. Loki was fun in AA (a touch of Richard E Grant about the performance perhaps?)

and although I initially didn't think the actor playing Thor had enough gravitas, we all know my weakness for Australians by now and I came to like him, despite tiring of the "standing with arms folded to show off muscles" shots. Joss didn't exploit the female actors, so that was good, but I fear I am missing something with Scarlett Johansson, is she really gorgeous?

I'd recommend it, as long as you have a comfortable seat (it's long). As someone left mostly cold by superheroes (my favourites tend to be tricksters and sneaks not brawny with God on their side) who still enjoyed it, I reckon it's worth a go.

Today I am still coughing, but feeling almost reasonable, one day I will be free of this cold. Hope you're all doing okay x
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things I have learned recently

*Kurt Russell looks good in tights (Mr Bethnoir was watching Tango and Cash)

*eating granary toast with marmite is dangerous
(something from the toast irritated my throat making me cough uncontrollably for 10 minutes, all my mascara ran off and everything, scary)

*Music really does sound better loud, really not even loud on headphones, properly loud

*it's amazing how many times I need to tip my head forwards
(I have sinus issues, so every time my head is forward I get blinding pains and the top of my nose crackles like someone hit it with a lead pipe)

*Storm Corrosion, the new collaboration between Mikael Ã…kerfeldt from Opeth and some of Porcupine Tree mainly sounds like you've wandered into a new age shop by mistake, all that's missing is the gentle trickle of an indoor fountain

*I hate feeling ill and rain is getting boring

That is all. Do carry on.
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Whilst I've been reading a book about the ritual use of hallucinogens , I've been suffering with a cold. On the plus side it has made thinking about altered states of consciousness easy, but I have felt mostly horrible. Read more... )
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Just had a dream which has made me wake up feeling happy and excited. That's worth remembering I think. Read more... )
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I reading this book at the moment,
it's one of those "throw you in at the deep end" ones with a very alien world, hundreds of new creatures, places and concepts to comprehend. I'm enjoying it, but it's quite hard work. Do you love it when words you've never seen written down before appear regularly? The last time this happened for me was Umberto Eco I think, had to keep a notebook.
Might have to pick up something more relaxing today for when I'm tired.

Had a cool dream last night. I was at school/university in an English lesson. The female teacher was jumping from subject to subject, asking questions and then not letting anyone answer and basically not providing a very coherent lesson, which was annoying me. Suddenly she said she was going to show us a film which cheered me up.

It was projected onto a big white screen at the back of the room, it was Siouxsie Sioux and Budgie singing a song I'd never heard before, in a refectory somewhere. Siouxsie was wearing a lemon coloured minidress with a peach cardigan draped around her shoulders and Budgie was looking super cute. They were both really young, teenagers I think. There was some screaming at the end, kind of punky, but that's all I remember. In the dream, I was singing along, entranced by the song and decided that the teacher wasn't so bad after all.

Wonder if it exists? Siouxsie can even look good in yellow velvet, what a woman.
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The Affinity Bridge (Newbury and Hobbes, #1)The Affinity Bridge by George Mann

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There was something not quite right about this book, I think it might have been a question of pacing, whatever it was, it almost got 4 stars, but not quite. There's plenty of characterization, lively and entertaining characters they are too, if wildly anachronistic. The scene setting was very pleasing, although I may have watched more Victorian period drama than I knew as it seemed very familiar and the story unravelled rather excitingly. It did feel a bit rushed towards the end, with event after event piling on and little time for thought, but I shall be reading the next one.

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I had to face up to the fact that I have been depriving my child of something important. He has heard the music I listen to and likes some of it, but he has little knowledge of the modern pop music his friends talk about. I like to think that I listen to music from a variety of times and styles, but truly, urban, rap, R&B and pop are not my bag.

So when number one son asked me "Who are JLS?" I could not honestly answer him and I felt bad that I don't watch talent shows on ITV, or know who is number one at the moment, even though music is my passion.

I had an idea. I should get hold of a recent Now That's What I Call Music compilation and we should listen to it. I got number 78, 80 is on the way courtesy of the library, I'm not buying this rubbish! It was hell, but I came to some conclusions:

1) There is a vogue for digitally altering voices which grows boring very fast
2) Most of the songs were incredibly banal and repetitive, as if made for people with extremely short attention spans
3) Female singers seemed to have a violent, aggressive sexuality makes me glad that I don't have daughters
4) Male singers sound like their voices haven't broken yet and they can't resist going around a note rather than actually singing it
5) Out of a whole CD the only track I didn't mind was by Take That which sounded downright lovely in comparison to the rest
6) I am an old fuddy duddy, but I'm not missing out on anything good, bearing in mind that even when I bought the first one back in 1983 I thought most of it was rubbish

So my young(er) friends, is there anything in the charts I might like? When did you start searching out music of your own, rather than just listening to your parents/siblings stuff? Is popular music much less interesting now than it was when I was 11? I need answers!
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