Sep. 15th, 2013

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We have Netflix and decided to take a punt on a TV series as there's nothing we're watching at the moment (Grimm having finished until 2014). So Mr Bethnoir suggested Lost Girl which is Canadian and was shown on Syfy in the UK first a couple of years ago.

Firstly does anyone watch it?
Secondly we are only halfway through series one so please no spoliers.
Thirdly Kenzi (top right) - I WANT ONE.


So, the main character is a powerful, independent bisexual fae woman, she has a best friend who is the cutest wig wearing emo evah and there's plenty of mystery and politics, sexual and otherwise. I wasn't sure after the first episode, but when she shagged the vacuum cleaner man (he's called Dyson, yes it bothers me) to a Bat for Lashes song, I became certain that I would be watching more.

Bo reminds me of the character Anita Blake, written by Laurel K Hamilton before she went totally monster, the home set up is like Rachel Morgan's in Kim Harrison's books, the new monster each week is quite Buffy, plus character relationships are developing nicely, so far, so urban fantasy. I didn't realise I was missing being involved with a series until we started watching it, isn't that cool, when you start a new thing?

In the real world we visited some cool buildings yesterday for Bristol Doors Open Day, there is something special about being allowed into places you wouldn't normally go, the back rooms and corridors of The Old Vic for example and we finished off the day with an hour long boat trip around Bristol, things are different when seen from the water and I love temporarily being part of the river people's world. Hope you've all had a good weekend :-)

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