Jan. 7th, 2013

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It was rather an event going to see the Hobbit. As big fans of the book, the whole family were excited by the idea of the film and we had to wait until all of us had 3 hours free to see it. This Sunday we booked the tickets in the "extreme" cinema at Vue, it's basically really big and allowed the film to be seen in the experimental more frames per second format 3D.

This was at times like speeded up film, jumpy and awkward and at others briefly nauseating, but mostly kind of hyper-real, bright and dream-like, actal life looked dull in comparison, is that good or bad? I don't know.

The film added bits that I don't remember being in the book here and there, but I can't begrudge it, because it was done well and it worked. I've never been very certain before about which dwarf is which, or been very interested in them, but suddenly I'm not just excited because Aidan Turner is playing Kili, I think lots of them are ace. This is an improvement on the book. Never before have I considered Thorin Oakenshield to be exciting and particularly admirable. Now I think he reminds me of Carl McCoy, but with a beard. Did I mention that a rather love to pieces Mr McCoy?

Anyway, Gandalf is unreliable and vague, Bilbo is reluctant, but resourceful, the dwarves are not played just for comedy, they are individuals and Christopher Lee appears as Saruman. The scenes with Bilbo and Gollum are perfect, it's like watching a play on stage, no need for special effects, it worked.

I cried a lot, but that seems to be what happens to me in Peter Jackson versions of JRR Tolkein. Overall if you might want to see it, I recommend you do, in comfortable cinema with plenty of leg room. I was very happy to have a free seat next to me, so I could sit cross legged and move about. I want to go again, just got to find the time.

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